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The “Aleksandar” company is situated on the highway E-75 of the corridor 10 that connects Northern European countries with states of the Southeastern part of Europe - Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. Good location makes this catering facility a perfect place for domestic and foreign tourists, but also for numerous guests from surrounding areas.

“Aleksandar” is a company where everything operates on strict rules because the team works well. As a result of a pleasant business environment we offer excellent service, helpful staff, tasty food, good hygiene and reasonable prices. The main principle that we use in our business is connected to the best offer to our guests so that they leave satisfied, they recommend us to the others and they come again and again. Persistence, the good-quality of service and tradition to make guests welcome and see them off with a smile help our company to persevere. We are opened 24 hours a day, during all year.


tel.+381 37 805 334 (restaurant Aleksandar)
tel.+381 37 80 50 50 (Gumotehna Pojate)
tel.+381 37 811 267 (Gumotehna Cicevac)
tel./fax+381 37 80 50 55 (Gumotehna Pojate)


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